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Hanan association kindly requests your support in helping us provide much-needed of priority aids to the very poor people  who live under the most difficult situation since the occupation Despite these very great challenges, Hanan association is managing to bring hope and assist the survive of the prevented targets by the assistance of the great hearts like yours, On the behalf of the very sad children, bored fathers, humble mothers & hopeless students,  we seek your cooperation on this time because we can together minimize the suffering of our people her in Gaza refugees areas where a lot of People became under the poverty line, many people became with no work, many houses become liable to fall and Many students lose their schools & universities.انقر هنا وقم بتحميل المناشدة

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Hanan for cultural and social development is a charitable and non governmental association strive  the childhood rights defenses and save health, social and cultural for all the society categories ( children – youth – women – disables) to meet the society sublime values healthy, socially , economically balance through awareness , edification, cultivation, present a discerning services, orienting and framing  them in working group as well as implementing a scientific researchers and studies attend at these scope of humanitarian  through coordination and cooperation among the suitable direction .


Statement issued by the Association of Hannan culture and community development

In connection with the Zionist aggression on the Gaza Strip





Hanan establishments:  With an initiative from a qualified and prominent volunteers persons  in the middle camps whom in charge of an important governmental and civil organizations, shoulder a series responsibilities toward participant in the social positive interference. Improving the marginalized areas targeting (children - poverty women – families - and other categorizes ) Hanan for cultural and social development has been founded to be a civil organization present a non traditional and discerning services to all Gaza geographic scope.

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