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Hanan association kindly requests your support in helping us provide much-needed of priority aids to the very poor people  who live under the most difficult situation since the occupation Despite these very great challenges, Hanan association is managing to bring hope and assist the survive of the prevented targets by the assistance of the great hearts like yours, On the behalf of the very sad children, bored fathers, humble mothers & hopeless students,  we seek your cooperation on this time because we can together minimize the suffering of our people her in Gaza refugees areas where a lot of People became under the poverty line, many people became with no work, many houses become liable to fall and Many students lose their schools & universities.انقر هنا وقم بتحميل المناشدة

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 As response to hard circumstances which passes by the Palestinian families and increased day by day, whereas more than 70% from Palestinian families became unable to carryout the actual needs for their kids which concerning "health, education, clothing, environmental conditions of their residence. So far Hanan for culture & Social development association proceeding to communicate & network with deferent national & international association to implement group of sponsorship programs for families, orphans & poorness. As a result of this high coordination we succeeded to coordinate with Refugee support Network in Canada, USA and Europe www.reugeesupport.org  to implement this sponsorship  program among several categories under the name of "From Family To Family" which aim to provide monthly economical support to the selected of the most poor families to enable them of covering the basic & necessary expenses. The program contain on:

-  100$ monthly sponsorship.

300$ quarterly sponsorship.

- 600$ semi-annually sponsorship.

- 1200$ annually sponsorship.

- 30$ Back to school bag.

- Kased sponsorship fund for support the Palestinian university students.